[Game Overview] [Steam] Heaven Forest NIGHTS Available on Steam Mar 13, 2017

This is the second chapter from the "Heaven Forest" series.While in the first game we explored the meaning of life, in this second chapter we wonder about the opposite: what is the meaning of death?We are born and we grow up and we step by step we come to terms with the fact that sooner or later we will die. So, in the end, have everyday effor...
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[Game Overview] [Steam] Swordbreaker The Game Available on Steam Nov 06, 2015

Through the dense fog our hero noticed a dark silhouette of a dark castle. Eventually his old rain-soaked map brought him to his target. He didn't have anything with him except for his favorite sword and remainings of an old armor with an unusual device – a sword-breaker. The hero looked around and stepped on the castle bridge... This game is about...
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[Game Overview] [Steam] Heaven Like Clay Available on Steam Mar 15, 2017

Your name is Jim Stevens.Tom Kemer an ex fellow student is missing.Tom has been struggling with life. He lost his job, his girlfriend and his home. In the last text message that Tom has sent you, he mentioned that things were working out again.He found a new home and even made new friends.After that there was no more connection. All of your message...
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[Game Overview] [Steam] [Greenlight] "Jet Buster" *Please Support*

Jet Buster is the new 90s inspired shmup from us, it's unlike anythingwe've made before in terms of theme, visuals and even music.I'll get straight to the point on what we have in mind for this one:* A colorful varied cast of characters.* Normal difficulty suited towards new players, Expert exists for thosewho want an extra challenge.* 6 stages eac...
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[Game Overview] [Steam] Mortificatio Available on Steam Feb 16, 2017

On the edge between life and death you immerse yourself into Mortificatio – a place that will tell you how a Hero has challenged Darkness. To find a way out of its dark corridors, you are going to learn a story of alchemist Eloakh, whose wit and ambitions have changed the very understanding of nature by man. Discover a mysterious and scary wor...
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[Game Overview] [Steam] Planetoid Available on Steam Feb 24, 2017

Planetoid is a physics based building game in which you construct facilities and protect humanoids on the planetoid. Build a facilities which can defeat the enemies on your way. Link Steam : http://store.steampowered.com/app/590870
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