[Game Overview] [Steam] The Mims Beginning Available on Steam Jan 14, 2015

Experience the mysterious and mystical by taking on a journey with Mims in this strategic god-like video game. Create structures, plant vegetation, breed animals, take care of your minions, use divine PSI powers, triumph in face of natural disasters, fight monsters, predict the future, reveal secrets and so much more. Assume the lead over Mims as t...
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[Game Overview] [Steam] Cubotrox Available on Steam Nov 11, 2016

CUBOTROX - CATCH, DROP AND ROTATE CUBES TO SOLVE RETRO-FUTURISTIC NEON PUZZLESWhat's exactly Cubotrox? Cubotrox is an addictive puzzle game that challenges you to complete pixel art images by managing falling neon-colored cubes. Catch, drop and rotate your way to victory in a game with retro-futuristic neon visuals and synth-retro-wave music that e...
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[Game Overview] [Steam] Defense of Castle Chilly Available on Steam *Early Access* Dec 15, 2016

Defense of Castle Chilly is a Virtual Reality game written specifically with room-scaling in mind The player uses Archery and Magic to defend the castle from invaders. Several stand out features will make Castle Chilly different to any other wave defender you've played. (One feature I'm excited about, is that this is a 100% room-scale walking exper...
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[Game Overview] [Steam] The Turkey of Christmas Past Available on Steam Dec 19, 2016

The Turkey of Christmas Past is a third person, swordplay orientated, action game about Tom de Cat, master swordsman, and his one cat stand against the Turkey menace. With a fowl army hell bent on destroying Christmas, Tom is our last and only hope. The Turkey of Christmas Past is set in turkey HQ with a zombie like mechanic. Tom must use all ...
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[Game Overview] [Steam] Wild Terra Online Available on Steam *Early Access* Dec 16, 2016

Wild Terra Online is a massively multiplayer life simulator in a fully player-driven medieval world. Here everyone will find an occupation that appeals to one's soul: world exploration, hunting, crafting, home decorating, fights and castle sieges. Start as a survivor - become a medieval king! Core features: Huge open world based on a realistic...
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[Game Overview] [Steam] Minion Masters Available on Steam *Early Access* Dec 02, 2016

Fast-paced head-to-head DuelsEnter a world of Minion battles! Summon your Minions and watch them charge blindly toward their opponents, leaving it entirely up to you to decide their course by where you place them. Minions can claim the bridges and destroy the rival Master. Claiming bridges earns you xp and allows you to level up, earning unique per...
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