[Game Review] [Steam] Moonlight Available on steam Feb 05, 2016

Moonlight is a platform game developed and published by the MonkeyMaw studio.The main theme of this game is the moon. You play a kind of cat, squirrel, bear ... well, stuff that fell in love with the moon. His dream, his only dream is to get closer to the moon to meet one who stole her heart. I do not know if it's wanted, but in the West (ie u...
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[Game Review] [Steam] Death by Game Show Available on steam Jan 22, 2016

Death by Game Show is a fighting game developed and published by the Oointah studio. The game is just great. It is filled with small humorous details and specific references to American culture, but rest assured, you can play without knowing and understanding all these and take still a lot of fun.Introduction to Death by Game Show The sto...
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