[Game Review] [Steam] State of Anarchy, released April 27, 2016

State of Anarchy is a casual and cathardic overhead shooter which strongly resembles the first Grand Theft Auto. Quoted from the Steam store description, "Fulfill your inner sociopath as you mow down enemies with guns and cars alike, in a bid to pull off the world's largest heist!" You can collect this fun arcade anarchy hit for just 59 cents on St...
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[Game Review] [Steam] NO THING

NO THING is a psychedelic walking simulator where the player must do their best to stay on track at increasing speeds, or risk walking off the path and losing the round. With computerized voices, color filters and heads that look like they were rendered in 3D with a low polygon count, this game screams the 1980s and LSD. GENRE AND OBJECTIVE NO THIN...
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[Game Review] [Steam] Auro: A Monster-Bumping Adventure

Auro: A Monster-Bumping Adventure is a fun little rogue-lite that takes pushing your way to victory to a new level. GENRE AND OBJECTIVE Auro is a rogue-lite where the player must earn a certain number of points each round in a turn-based arena. This is accomplished by bumping monsters off a hexagon-based board and into water by predicting and explo...
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