[Game Overview] [Steam] The Turkey of Christmas Past Available on Steam Dec 19, 2016

The Turkey of Christmas Past is a third person, swordplay orientated, action game about Tom de Cat, master swordsman, and his one cat stand against the Turkey menace. With a fowl army hell bent on destroying Christmas, Tom is our last and only hope. The Turkey of Christmas Past is set in turkey HQ with a zombie like mechanic. Tom must use all ...
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[Game Overview] [Steam] Help Me Doctor Available on Steam October 07, 2016

We present "Help me, doctor," the game in which the player takes a role of a doctor. His job is to diagnose patients and this is not as easy as it might seem. First of all, our doctor must always be careful with the documenation, signatures etc. Throughout the game he is carefully monitored by the crooked Ministry of Health.When there is a pat...
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[Game Overview] [Steam] Neon Warp Available on Steam July 29, 2016

Neon Warp is a simple yet very unique puzzle game. On each level there are blocks of 3 colors. When you move the frame from a block of one color to a block of another a third color appears. Using this technique your goal is to repaint all blocks into a single color and you need to do it with least amount of turns. Features :*150 levels&nb...
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[Game Review] [Steam] Moonlight Available on steam Feb 05, 2016

Moonlight is a platform game developed and published by the MonkeyMaw studio.The main theme of this game is the moon. You play a kind of cat, squirrel, bear ... well, stuff that fell in love with the moon. His dream, his only dream is to get closer to the moon to meet one who stole her heart. I do not know if it's wanted, but in the West (ie u...
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[Game Review] [Steam] Death by Game Show Available on steam Jan 22, 2016

Death by Game Show is a fighting game developed and published by the Oointah studio. The game is just great. It is filled with small humorous details and specific references to American culture, but rest assured, you can play without knowing and understanding all these and take still a lot of fun.Introduction to Death by Game Show The sto...
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