[Game Overview] [Steam] Rest House Available on Steam *Early Access* Feb 09, 2017

[Game Overview] [Steam] Rest House Available on Steam *Early Access* Feb 09, 2017

Rest House is first person adventure based on the same name feature movie.

Game consists of five stories that are connected with mysterious characters and events.The main character is trying to discover the meaning each of them. He gets sucked in the events that will lead him to the strange places where he meets strange people, fairy tale creatures and landscapes.

There are currently 6 levels in the game. Player is in the role of the single character who is trying to find the way out from each of the levels.
At the end there is a special gift waiting.

-Key features of the game:
Story which is based on the short famous novels by Dino Buzzati, Edgar Alan Poe and others...
Interesting art style inspired by the surreal art and literature.
Rest house is challenging for the player. Puzzles and hidden keys are sometimes hard to solve and find.
Be part of the RH community. Viewers are taking part in the game development. They are suggesting the game features and commenting on the game play.
Creator is live streaming almost every day and communicating with the players so they are constantly immersed in the Rest House world.

-Early Access-
game is not complete and will change further.
We are working on multiplayer, HTML5 and VR versions of the levels which you can check at our site.

-Rest House-movie-
Feature that contains many insights and secrets witch you can unlock in the game.

-Important! Please read game documents before play!

Streaming game development every night 22-24 CET (central europian time) for more than 2 years.
Also developing VR version of the game. Subscribe at my you tube channel for more.

team name : Studio Don Quixote

-Made in Unreal 4-

In the game there are 5 stories. As you progress trough the levels you are unlocking those puzzles and figuring out the whole story.
Want to know even more? Ok i can't tell you much but you can find more in the game documents.

Link Steam : http://store.steampowered.com/app/582290

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Stanislav on Sunday, 12 February 2017 17:56
Good https://steamcommunity.com/id/931976/
Александр on Monday, 13 February 2017 14:13
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