[Game Overview] [Steam] Grim Seventh Available on Steam Jan 20, 2017

[Game Overview] [Steam] Grim Seventh Available on Steam Jan 20, 2017

Grim Seventh is a 3D Arcade Hack 'n' Slash game with a unique geometrical art style.

You are Agents! Mage-hunters sent by the human army to kill monsters and evil summoners with unknown motives. Agent, you are a mage yourself. You must defeat your enemies using all means necessary, being magic or steel. YOU MUST SURVIVE. As you will be rewarded if you complete your mission.

The Art

We chose an unique art style: Full 3D Geometrization. Using this style we gave those old, 2D hack'n'slash games a new turn.

The Music

The game's music is inspired on those power drums, epic tracks from Two Steps from Hell and other well known music groups.

Features :

  • Fast-paced and dynamic combat
  • Smooth gameplay
  • Random level selection
  • Arcade elements (Scores, time attack, etc)
  • Professional, high quality, power EPIC music 
  • Unique 3D geometrical art style
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