[Game Overview] [Steam] Ayumi: Enhanced Edition Available on Steam Jul 07, 2016

[Game Overview] [Steam] Ayumi: Enhanced Edition Available on Steam Jul 07, 2016

In a future not too far off, space travel has finally become ordinary and humanity seeks to exploit the infinite riches of the stars. Ayumi Sasaki and her family are part of such a mining spaceship, heading to a distant star to mine gold. When the lights go out though, Ayumi wakes up to find the spaceship crawling with monsters, blood covering everything. Help her survive as she explores a world covered in darkness!

The game uses various references to the Yellow Mythos (the Hastur-part of the Cthulhu Mythos), but knowledge of it is not required to proceed. Fans will get a clue or two more about what's actually going on though.

Now featuring Steam Achievements!


  • A dark, moody environment for you to explore, inspired by a combination of Mad Father and Dead Space.
  • Tons of secrets hidden all over the spaceship, waiting for you to discover them.
  • Dangerous monsters lingering in every corner.
  • Chilling sound effects!
  • A dark, dark narrative, all from a child's point of view.
  • Cthulhu Mythos horror! (Yellow Mythos specifically)
  • Two difficulties, "normal" and "nightmare", unlocking different endings and allowing access to different areas.
  • Multiple solutions to most problems.
  • Careful credits (currency) management required, as credits are used both to resurrect the player and activate/access various items or the spaceship's security mechs.

Version 2.5 Updates! (10/29/16)
-New scripts used! Surfaces will now produce sound apporpirately when you walk on them.
-New visuals used! Among others, bloody messages now cover the walls!
-2 New areas added! Explore the "Rich" sector while you desperately search for a replacement flashlight since your old one got broken, and finish the game in the all-new "Discoveries" and "Religion Center" areas!
-Hyper-Train System! Connected to the original Cafeteria and the new areas, explore the spaceship in style and creepiness!
-Ghoul spawns! Large areas of the game now have a 10% chance to spawn your nemesis!
-Revved-up nightmare difficulty!
-Endings completely replaced! Enjoy the 2 new endings, depending on your game's difficulty.
-Yellow Mythos turned up to 11! Cthulhu's half-brother is hungry for blood!
-Game's story and universe expanded!
-Much creepier tones throughout the whole game!
-Various minor changes and bug fixes.

Link Steam : http://store.steampowered.com/app/497790/

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