[Game Overview] [Steam] [Greenlight] "Damn" *Please Support*

[Game Overview] [Steam] [Greenlight] "Damn" *Please Support*

DAMN the machines!! Nobody know who put a virus in the "Lab.34" LAN, but now all the "smart robots" produced inside the lab start an uprising against their creators!
Many technicians and scientists are now trapped inside waiting for death.

The Lab.34, by "Nano-tech" was famous all around the world for their advanced technologies.. now will be infamous for this disaster!

No one know who is the mind behind this evil plan, but we know who is the only one can save the day: the Cyborg "MAX.RGN" with his strength, agility and his mechanical arm!

MAX's mission is rescue the prisoners, blow up sector by sector the entire lab.34 and, if possible, escape alive from this hell.

The Lab.34 is a gigantic and complex structure and contains many kind of traps and robots..
Good Luck MAX!!

DAMN! is a fast dual-stick-shooter full of action :
- 25 missions with different objectives (more in future expansions)
- 8 different weapons:

Chain gun
Redirect Laser
Mine Layer
Missile Launcher

- 4 Arena levels (to make high score on STEAM's leaderboards)
- A plenty of different foes to face in different ways
- designed with easy controls for mindless not-stop action!!

Link Steam : http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=792093563

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Tuesday, 25 June 2019
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